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Business People Applauding
Resilience, Wellbeing &
Employee Experience

Build the world-class employee EX that sets your organization apart.  It all starts from the TOP.

  • Human (compassion, vulnerability, flexibility/autonomy)

  • Learning-Forward (curiosity, innovation, collaboration)

  • Inclusive (diverse, global)

  • Purpose-Aligned (your why and how)

20 years of Humanizing the Work Experience. Let Us Guide You.

  • Align leaders to bring alive your cultural goals.

  • Engage leaders through exciting self-development experiences.

  • Integrate your Employee EX into your organization's fabric & culture starting from the very top.

  • Highlight company core values and expectations in every moment and interaction.

Who We Are

“Delivering Big 4-level strategic guidance at half the price — and in half the time.”


We are a lean and intimate team of business coaches, innovators, project managers and thought leaders.


Our clients value us because we:

  • Work quickly and responsively

  • Approach strategy with a curious mindset

  • Are masters are productive questioning

  • Have the mobility to flex and pivot to emerging asks and trends

Professional Young Woman

The most creative solutions team in the culture space by a long shot.


Quick, scrappy, mind-bogglingly creative – exactly what I needed to jump-start change fast.

White & Case

Delivering Big Four-level services at half the price (and none of the bureaucracy). Suma.


Glass Buildings

Employee EX vs. Employee Engagement — Why Does It Matter?

Put simply, Experience drives Engagement — not the other way around.

Experience is about shaping what will happen — it’s proactive instead of reactive. An employee’s experience of work drives their level of engagement (not the other way around). 


Engagement is a measure of the degree to which an employee is willing and able to be their best at work — it’s a byproduct and outcome of the employee’s experience of work.

Every Moment Matters — from Onboarding to Offboarding

Each moment at work can have a positive, neutral or negative impact on employees. When employees have a great experience, it’s because most of the moments involved were positive and few, if any, were negative. 

EX is the intersection of employees’ expectations, their environment and the events that shape their journey within an organization. Consider this example:

“One of my most memorable recent experiences happened while I was traveling for work. I had found my way to a sports bar near my hotel to grab some dinner and watch a basketball game. It was a nice place with all the necessities — friendly staff, good food and big TVs.


“About 30 minutes into my visit, a man stopped beside me to chat about the basketball game I was watching. He introduced himself as the owner of the restaurant. We talked for a couple minutes, then he said “Thank you for coming in tonight. I really appreciate your business.” Then he headed off to greet other guests.


“He stopped by a few more times before I left to check on me. Each time, he thanked me for my business. It felt very genuine and heartfelt. I left the restaurant that night feeling more valued as a customer than probably ever before. It was a great experience. I’ll go back any time I am in the city.”


Every experience we have, whether at a restaurant or during a day at work, is made up of a series of moments that together shape how we feel about the experience. At its core, creating a good experience is about creating positive moments and eliminating negative ones.


What We Do. Start Where You Are.

When it comes to building or evolving your Employee EX, you may be tasked with starting from the beginning or just looking to enhance your existing offerings. We’ll meet you where you are.

Just Need some ideas? We get it!

Assess & Strategize

Socialize & Integrate

Plan &


Execute & Support


Employee EX Events

Our experiences:

Follow the same cultural-development sentiment as our Employee EX model.

Are a mix of fun & self-exploratory opportunities for your employees.

Drop-By/Mingling Events
Challenge Events
Special Immersions

Our Balance Values

At Balance Integration, we value sustainability. That’s why we start with helping our clients establish a solid foundation on which to build.

Virtual Team Meeting

Step 1:
Schedule an Intro Call

  • Organizational Values & Cultural KPIs

  • Leadership Acknowledgment & Modeling Agreement

  • Integration & Cross-Departmental Collaboration

  • Engagement-Based Marketing & Communications

  • Creative Programming Experiences

  • Responsive Analysis & Reporting

Step 2:

Select an Action Plan

Package Options:

  • 15-Minute Intro Call

  • Bronze - Three 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • Silver - 3 Month Jumpstart 

  • Gold - Contract Partnership (6 months or more)

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