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Ready to Game-Change? Chapter 1 - Am I Living or Just Existing?
Online Hang
Shakti Leadership Fellowship Croatia
Game-Changers Chat #1 with Tevis & Dave Jakubowski
Online Hang
Ready to Game-Change? Chapter 2- Is Change Possible?
Online Hang
Game-Changers Chat #2 with Tevis & Elatia Abate
Online Hang
Ready to Game-Change? Chapter 3- How Much Freedom & Power Do I Have in Creating My Life?
Online Hang
Leaders Lounge NYC
Midtown Manhattan
Game-Changer's Chat #3 with Tevis & Jeff Cherry
Online Event
Executive Roundtable
Balance Integration Executive Roundtable
Ready to Game-Change? Chapter 4- How Will I Know What to Do?
Online Hang
Game-Changer's Chat #4 with Tevis & Annelise Lonidier (1)
Online Event
Leaders Lounge Southeast
Peer 150 Talent Attic NYC
Location is TBD

Balance Integration fosters greater humanity and generative relationships at work in support of productive, sustainable organizational cultures. Founded in 2002, our NYC-based team currently serves clients in over 90 sites across the United States, with strategy initiatives in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. 

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