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Leadership Alignment & Wisdom Guidance

Leadership is more than a title.  More than actions.  It emanates from mastery of one’s state of being.

  • Legacy Leadership Assessment

  • 1:1 Wholeness-Based Executive Coaching

  • Alignment Activation

Balance Integration is...

 "A breath of fresh air in the often staid world of leadership development consulting. You will emerge a more compassionate & confident leader."

                                                                                                          - FORBES

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The Power of Wisdom-Based Leadership

Even good leaders can be unaware of how their own choices can either sabotage or amplify both their satisfaction & impact on the organization. Great ones are aware & work to optimize their impact relentlessly, with curiosity, courage & desire to grow.  They don't leave it to chance. 


  • Awareness is key.

  • Personal insight is pivotal.

  • Fostering high-impact, generative leadership behaviors that optimize already good leaders.


The Balance Integration approach to executive coaching prioritizes each leader's sense of wholeness, yielding mission alignment, vision, heightened self-awareness, relational acumen and empathy, and cultivation of receptivity to new ideas (no matter how far outside of existing paradigms).  


What’s more, these gains are made sustainable by a precious, rarely seen ability: that of holding oneself accountable. 



You know our programs are for you IF - you are a senior leader who longs to feel the power of inspiring, authentic presence; graceful influence; & model collaborative leadership throughout the organization.   

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Excellence Drivers

There are four drivers for incremental leadership excellence: 

  • personal alignment

  • relational curiosity

  • creativity through crisis

  • commitment to resilience as a personal practice

Reach the Top

Optimization Tools

We design tools tailored towards new, previously unimagined areas of growth with habits that sustain success over the long haul.  For yourself. For your organization.


Consistent improvement to the bottom-line begins with moving your work & life into an Arena in which you practice resilient, productive & sustainable  competencies that affect the spirit of the work along the way.

Balance Integration is...

"Leadership innovators helping executives & high-level employees use the lives they have as raw clay for realizing their ideal selves."

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Additional Balance Institute Offerings

Legacy Assessment

Our proprietary exploration of your current leadership legacy including your capacity for greatness.  With a bespoke approach highlighting and weighting the behaviors and values that best bring alive your desired organizational culture.

1:1 Wisdom-Based Executive Coaching

Amplify your evolution for enhanced effectiveness and enjoyment of the role you’ve worked so hard to achieve.  You’ll design your desired leadership legacy and use our proprietary roadmap to advance towards your optimal leadership horizon. 

Alignment Activation

Bespoke Senior team alignment, crafted for success around espoused values including gap assessment, areas of opportunity, and accountability mechanisms.

Balance Integration is...

"...facilitates deeper soul-searching & yields a more aspirational form of self… a truly efficient way to achieve optimal state"

                                                                                                          - Joan Lavin, Global Chief Talent Officer, KKR

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Virtual Leadership Series

Take part in our virtual leadership courses. 

When you are ready for in-person coaching we are too!


Experienced Leadership

"Tevis is a delightful fountain of flowing wisdom. I am so grateful to know her..."

     ~ Raj Sisodia, Founder of Conscious Capitalism


     ~ Brene Brown

Tevis Rose Tower.jpg

Spearheading this work is Tevis Trower, Founder/CEO Balance Integration, President Balance Integration Leadership Alignment/Wholeness-Based Executive Coaching 


Tevis Trower has walked the path. From digging ditches with the US Army to running leadership strategy sessions in some of the worlds most admired organizations including Harvard Business Review Events, FastCompany & YPO, there's not a situation in which she hasn't helped leaders navigate with steady grace, uncommon courage, empathy & connection to their own humanity.  

Beyond the boardroom, Tevis has sat with swamis, sweated with shaman. She's led the pack in conscious leadership & knows how to cultivate the rare skill of creating incremental insight & new solutions in even the most staid organizations.  Requisite of advisors serving at the highest levels of organizations, Tevis is comfortable to surface uncomfortable truths and champion audacious opportunities for evolution.  


If you're looking for a guide who has mastered even the most treacherous terrain, Tevis is your teacher.


Read more about Tevis.

When I'm facing an issue of uncertainty about which path to take, it sounds corny, but I’ve literally asked myself  'what would Tevis tell me?', then I instantly know to listen more deeply to myself no matter how scary the answer might seem at first.”

                                                                                                          - Carol O'Hehier, EVP, Edelman Intelligence

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