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"Game Change is a pragmatic set of tools to facilitate deeper soul-searching & yield a more aspirational form of self.  Tevis has created a truly efficient way to achieve optimal state or at least carve the road to it...I’ve loved the length of the book – perfect to captivate the minds & activate the souls of busy people!”

                                                                                                  Joan Lavin, Global Chief Talent Officer, KKR 

"A breath of fresh air in

the often staid world of leadership development consulting. You will emerge

a more compassionate & confident leader." 

"Leadership innovator helping executives & high-level employees use the lives they have as raw clay for realizing their ideal selves." 


Get your greatness

 in gear 

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The Game-Changer's Guide to Radical Success by Tevis Trower has ignited a movement of senior leaders, goal-oriented achievers & high performers integrating GREATNESS into their work & life. 


With this free chapter, you'll gain powerful insights into . . . 

  • How to name the change you most deeply long for. YOUR Game-Change mindset . . . an how to hack it for greatness!

  • You personal arsenal of evidence that you are completely capable of Game-Changing no matter your current situation.

  • The exact mechanics of how to Game-Change to experience being your optimal self . . . and STICK TO IT no matter what.

  • Why discomfort is your friend.

  • Mindset management that makes you impervious to the doubts or judgement of others around you.

  • Leveraging what you see in the world around to accelerate your evolution.

Plus TWO awareness practices and FIVE get-on-with-it Alignment Assignments to keep you ON YOUR GAME, bringing to life your most inspiring self.


My name is Tevis Trower.  I believe

True Success is Radical.

Whether negotiating nine-figure business deals, digging ditches for the US Army, sitting in silence with swamis or walking the earth with Lakota shaman, I've observed that a job title does not mean greatness any more than a robust bank account means happiness. 


Working with executives at KKR, Bloomberg, Google, The NBA, Disney, Chanel & many other great organizations has borne out this conviction & affirmed that the capacity for greatness lies within us all.


For people who know how to check the boxes of success, there is often an underlying longing for more, for deeper, for rooted & wildly true.  This is the essence of what I mean by radical.  It is the source of both greatness & happiness.


I help C-Suite leaders & high achievers integrate greatness into all they do for a lifetime legacy equal to their talents & gifts; for the energy & deep happiness that follows. 


Game Change is the roadmap I created for doing exactly that. 


~ Brene Brown


"When I'm facing an issue of uncertainty about which path to take, it sounds corny, but I literally ask myself  'what would Tevis tell me?', then I instantly know to listen more deeply to myself no matter how scary the answer might seem at first.”

                                                                                                  Carol O'Hehier, EVP, Edelman Intelligence

"A delightful fountain of loving wisdom. So grateful we connected.”

                                                                                                  Raj Sisodia, Author &Co-Founder, Conscious Capitalism

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Game Change is for high achievers who are ready to build their lives & work around Radical Success. This is you if you want to:

  • Go beyond box-checking of what the world defines as success.

  • Push the boundaries of your professional prowess into radical contribution & self-expression.

  • Deliver incremental impact that allows you to stand out in your field while building a legacy that aligns 100% with what is most important to you.

  • Be absolutely singular in your ability to contribute incremental vision & leadership to the world.

  • Experience your world as an Arena through which you are being urged towards greatness at every moment.

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The Radical Success Roadmap is built on a methodology of four pillars developed in coaching hundreds of high performers in some of the world's most demanding professions.  

  • Disrupt | 10 perfectly disruptive Game-Change questions to get you in the game.

  • Align | Alignment Assignments to ensure you not only "get" the concepts, but apply them & grow from what you learn.

  • Center & Clear | Tools to keep yourself connected to your deepest truth, your ultimate source of strength.

  • Non-Negotiables | Sustainable Success go-to's to avert stagnation & sleepwalking with respect to the greatness that lies within you.

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