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Break Dancer
Pivot Training

Businesses need to be nimble and shift as needed - to meld with our current environment, to grow, to succeed.

  • Cultivating Empathy

  • Resiliency and Stress Relief

  • Maximizing Productivity & Setting Boundaries

What might have once been considered soft skills, in a virtual work reality connectivity and empathic leadership is now critical to productivity. Bringing your team together to have “real talk” will support their growth, collaboration and mental well-being.

                                                                                                          - Marjorie Spitz-Rento, Balance Integration President

Zeitgeist Conversations

Lately organizations are asking us to curate participatory, lean in conversations to serve as opportunities to be in the moment and improve focus.  

Top asks have been around cultivating empathy; mental well-being; resilience and stress relief; maximizing productivity in the WFH environment; how to set boundaries as WFH becomes LFH (life from home), without creating barriers to success.

Team Meeting

Multiple Offerings

Grounded in positivity, fostering team spirit and connectivity, recent offerings include the following, both as one-offs and as series. 

More Offerings! Including:

  • Be an Accountability Buddy 

  • Smashing Self-Sabotage     

  • Secrets of Sleep


We can easily come up with dozens more bespoke topics across resiliency and performance tools! Reach out to have a discussion about the challenges you’re looking to solve for and the most meaningful series for your group.

Gratitude with Attitude Course

Gratitude practices are proven to actually change the brain!


You’ll take a step outside of yourself, get your imagination flowing and walk away feeling proud and grateful. 

Dancing in the Street

Laser Sharp Focus Course

Let’s flex your focus muscle. No multitasking allowed!

We’ll talk about the “Big D,” (distraction), its impact on your ability to get the big priorities done and practical tools to make a shift. Includes a fun art student exercise. 

Friends at Lunch

Mindfulness Matters Course

Make mealtime sacred!


You’ll share (and laugh about) how you eat, the importance of doing so mindfully, its impact on your digestion, physical and emotional health. And you’ll get dressed up!

Whatchu Talkin' Bout? Course

Sharpen your active listening tools!


You listen with more than your ears. Together you’ll learn how to put all of your whole body and senses into it. Your social circle will thank you – no more deer in headlights moments!

Mood Matters Course

Be a kick-ass leader!


How you feel and what you do influences those around you! You’ll review 6 tips for how to be a great leader and influencer.

STFD (slow the f*#@ down) Course

Setting boundaries and thriving in a WFH environment! 


Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up. Are you running so fast that you are missing the good stuff? Do you find yourself stuck in the same old patterns? Keep telling yourself all sorts of stories like “there’s no time for self-care?” Together we will slow down and focus on what area in your life or work you could use a pause and regroup on it.

Yoga Class

Bespoke Curriculum

Balance Integration is masterful at creating learning and up-skilling experiences across the spectrum of wholeness-based performance and leadership.  Topics include Empathy, Resiliency, Vision, and Authentic leadership. 

Participatory, crowdsourced wisdom is key to building connections and actionable plans for effective change.  All our offerings are predicated upon this approach.


Contact us for a capabilities briefing. 

Team Meeting

"Self-care doesn't have to be something big and crazy. Balance created an open and free environment that opened the door to a conversation around "What could I be doing?" (to take care of myself and excel)"

                                                                                                          - Team Leader, KKR

Coffee Shop

Small Business Big Impact Series

Sign up for our monthly “Small Business Big Impact” series for lean-in discussion of trends and issues impacting small businesses. You’ll gain the skills, insights and tools to impact your business on a path to success and there will be plenty of time built in for conversation and Q&A.

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