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"I was at an inflection point in my life, and Tevis really helped me consider my next move.  Tevis has deep subject matter expertise, and you're going to get someone who can take you on a supportive, challenging, and empathetic journey."

Joan Lavin, Global Chief Talent Officer, KKR


"A breath of fresh air in the often staid world of leadership development consulting. You will emerge a more compassionate & confident leader."  

Andy Sich

"Game Change with Tevis has been the best investment in me. She's amazing at listening to my challenges and creating game changing actions. As a result, I've become an inspired leader."

Tara Cassaza

"Tevis has you really dig deep into your experiences and what you want. Tevis is unique from other coaches with her extremely personable approach. She pushed me out of my comfort zone, yet was super supportive."

Eric Helms

"I was in a professional transition and Tevis really gave me the tools to think about my happiness, and align it with my career. She helped me institute proactive thinking. As a coach is empathetic and really emotionally galvanized me into change."

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"Leadership innovator helping executives & high-level employees use the lives they have as raw clay for realizing their ideal selves"  

Dan Ginsberg

"Tevis is exactly what I needed. She has helped me identify what optimal is for me. If you're looking for someone to push you to be who you want to be, Tevis is amazing."

Melissa Berman

"Working with Tevis has helped me identify the changes I need to make me radically successful in life. I have seen major results and working with Tevis is a no-brainer."

Tevis is a delightful fountain of flowing wisdom.

I am so grateful to know her… leaders looking to deepen their sense of purpose, impact and satisfaction would greatly benefit from her guidance...”  

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The most creative solutions team in the culture space by a long shot.


Quick, scrappy, mind-bogglingly creative – exactly what I needed to jump-start change fast.

White & Case

Delivering Big Four-level services at half the price (and none of the bureaucracy). Suma.


"Tevis is a sister game-changer."

Brené Brown, Storyteller, Researcher, Author

Bridge Over River

"When I'm facing an issue of uncertainty about which path to take, it sounds corny, but I’ve literally asked myself  'what would Tevis tell me?', then I instantly know to listen more deeply to myself no matter how scary the answer might seem at first.”

Carol O'Hehier,
EVP, Edelman


"A force to be reckoned with.  When you meet with Tevis, whether 1:1 or in a group setting, she metaphorically holds up a mirror to your self.  You cannot escape.  Whether it's the questions she asks or her stories of clients embracing challenges we relate to, it hits the spot.”

Daniel Goldfarb,
Team Lead, Bloomberg


"Tevis inspires and amazes. Drawing from military service, leadership consulting and executive coaching, international business development, and strategy development, her approach is one of a marksman, wayward traveler, boardroom shark, constant dreamer, animal lover, occasional snowboarder, and sometimes surfer. There is no one more qualified to help you realize Radical Success.”

Manny Miravete, 

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"Tevis' process delivers next- level impact for professionals who want more!

I have seen it in action in programs Tevis developed for me at White & Case and recommend it for anyone wanting to live at their highest levels of success and satisfaction."


Bernadette Brennan,
TV Azteca

“Truly indispensible guidance from someone who knows first-hand how to thrive while navigating corporate reality. No matter your function, Tevis’ wisdom on building deeply satisfying and sustainable success is absolutely achievable. She’s the champion of corporate mindfulness with the action orientation of a military operative…working with Tevis packs decades of insight into every session.  She is my go-to.”

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John Johnson,
CEO, Picture People

“Tevis provided me with the foundational structure, perspective and tools needed to handle the challenges of becoming a CEO. Her unique ability to walk me through those challenges and opportunities both realized and future have prepared me for true, radical success.”


Scott Andrews,

“If you’re ready to access the greatness within you, whether you’ve got the book in your hands or considering 1:1 guidance in taking that really amazing life you've built and injecting it with purpose and possibility, Tevis is the best of the best. As a client for many years, I can attest Tevis is the very best at transforming corporate cultures, engaging, invigorating and inspiring executives of every type to achieve their goals.”

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