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The Balance Integration approach to executive coaching yields mission alignment, vision, heightened self-awareness, relational acumen and empathy, and cultivation of receptivity to new ideas (no matter how far outside of existing paradigms). 

"If your leadership hasn't taken seriously the need to align culturally before crisis hit, it's not too late.  Know this: Leaders who learn to pivot, to foster generative culture through crisis, will set a foundation for your organization's ability to survive both immediate challenges and long into the future."

                                                                                                          - Tevis Trower, Balance Integration Founder & CEO

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Employee Experience & Organization Wellbeing

Delivering Big 4-level strategic guidance at half the price — and in half the time. EX your employees can see, feel and love

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Leadership is more than a title. More than actions. It emanates from master of one' state of being.

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Small Business Strategy & Coaching

Helping you succeed isn’t just our expertise, it’s our passion and in our blood.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy.

A Transparent Approach

Working together is chemistry.  And chemistry is a two way street. If your organization is committed to putting great insights into action to foster an inspiring work culture and has the chutzpah to work with a team of innovators who will tell it to you straight, we may be a match. Together we’ll leverage customized solutions that deliver the positive impact you seek. Ask yourself:

  • Is the need to shore up your organization's culture mandated from the very top?

  • Is the C-Suite actively engaged in this mission?  

  • Are you responsible for your organization's cultural brand and engagement KPIs?

  • Does your organization have specific deliverables and metrics tied to culture or engagement?

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Founded in 2002 by Tevis Trower, Balance Integration was born of a passion to heal the relationship between Self & Work through cultural interventions & leadership alignment.  Our mission is to foster optimized organizations in which every employee from C-Suite to intern feels vibrant & encouraged to contribute at their very highest level.

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The most creative solutions team in the culture space by a long shot.


Quick, scrappy, mind-bogglingly creative – exactly what I needed to jump-start change fast.

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Delivering Big Four-level services at half the price (and none of the bureaucracy). Suma.


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For those of us who  lead, now is a moment of truth.  We have the choice of either leading forward, or waiting to see how others call the shots (and praying for the best). 


Game-Change is built upon a foundation of 10 questions. You know these questions. They’re the ones that keep you awake at night. You may never have uttered them, but you feel them lurking beneath your thoughts.  It's time to dig in and start finding answers.

Everything is changing. 

Are you?



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