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A Timely Note

Addressing Fear in the Workplace through Uncertain Times & Business Disruption

A Message from our Team

Even under normal circumstances, fear pervades organizations, creating destructive impediments to just about every driver of productivity. It diminishes leaders’ ability to inspire, teams' ability to innovate, collective trust and connection, and most important everyone’s access to insight and intuition critical to decision-making and progress.

Consider the magnification of fear in our current moment. With the multiplier of disruption, productivity can all but flatline. It doesn't have to be this way. Throughout history, times of crisis have been exactly the catalyst for some organizations to forge newfound trust, collaboration, and innovation. There will be organizations who will not only productively navigate these difficulties, but will flourish, inspiring breakthroughs we may hear about for years or decades to come. 


Organizations that emerge whole from this moment will have made good on their proclaimed values of employee flexibility, self-accountability and trust. They are the ones which have prioritized creating a psychologically safe workplace where it's OK to be human, perpetuating a ripple effect of constant self-evolution and thus business evolution, leading the organization into the future. 

Balance Integration has long supported companies looking to address these specific business sustainability practices. As circumstances have evolved over the past month, we have responded by shifting our programming to address the specific breed of fear that the disruption of a pandemic has invited into our workplaces.


If you're in need of solutions now, we invite you to explore our relevant employee and leadership experiences, including:


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