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Everything is changing. 

Are you?

For those of us who  lead, now is a moment of truth.  We have the choice of either leading forward, or waiting to see how others call the shots (and praying for the best). 


Game-Change is built upon a foundation of 10 questions. You know these questions. They’re the ones that keep you awake at night. You may never have uttered them, but you feel them lurking beneath your thoughts.  It's time to dig in and start finding answers.


the world is changing.

are you?

Hey all,


I'm thrilled you stopped by to check out Game-Changer's Guide to Radical Success. 


On our first day of sales I'm shut-the-front-door amazed to share that Game-Changer's Guide was officially SOLD OUT at Amazon and, and they've continued to have to restock!  


With that and a flurry of emails from so many in our extended circle about longing to "get on with it" in their own lives, it's clear we all could use a jumpstart on how to navigate in a way that's more auspicious than trying to rebuild what was. Because we know the way is forward, not back.

I'm stepping up to the challenge by stepping on the gas of my own Game-Change. You are officially, cordially invited to join me in any of three ways to get your Game-Change on...and there's something for every budget. 

  • Game-Changer Chats:  Since mid summer I've hosted live interviews with game-changers from our network of business leaders, conscious capitalism agitators, entrepreneurs, and high-performers.  Every one of them is a compelling, fascinating bundle of life experiences just like you and me.  They've stood in the face of "this is not enough for me!" and pivoted, like we all need to do right now. You can check out the chats we've done so far HERE. And you can participate in any upcoming chats for FREE.  I'll be posting dates/times/guests for upcoming chats on our Events page, so send me an email to make sure I keep you posted (100% spam free!)!

  • Game-Changeapalooza Mastermind: Give yourself the gift of support and accountability.  Join our mastermind group meeting every Tuesday at 5PM EDT week starting January 19, 2021. In these Get-Going calls, we'll dive into the Game-Change Process chapter-by-chapter, tool-by-tool, sharing with you how you plan your evolution and enact your own beautiful Radical Success revolution.  The cost for the whole series is $2,000, and includes exclusive recordings, private class area for interaction, and weekly group time together.  Think of it as incentive for you to SHOW UP - it helps motivate you if you paid for it. Spots are limited so everyone has time to hear and be heard.  Our last round just completed last week with a C-Suite exec, a public school teacher, an ad agency exec, an attorney, a guy in commercial real estate, etc., and EVERY PARTICIPANT gave the experience rave reviews.  My point is, this process works for anyone at any stage in their life/career. Participants will be sent links to calls and invited to a discussion group page I'll monitor throughout the series.  Reserve your spot HERE.

  • 1:1 Game-Change Intensive: There's a reason some people pivot and some don't.  Support and accountability have a lot to do with it, but first you have to learn to listen to yourself. I'm really good at that.  And I know how to teach you to do it as well.  In honor of the book launch now through December 1 I'm offering 5 spots for 1:1 coaching through each of the 10 steps in this process for $8,000.  That's for having me, by your side, as you navigate everything unfolding with a stronger sense of YOU through it all.  All you have to do is put your heart into the process and show UP! Write me here to lock in yours and we'll set up a weekly time. You'll also get the mastermind series for group support included. I'm in if you are.

This process works. All you have to do is USE it. I'm so excited to help you make sure you do.

The world is waiting.  Let's get radical.  

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