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June 2nd -

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Everything is changing. Are you ready?

For those of us who  lead, now is a moment of truth.  We have the choice of either leading forward, or waiting to see how others call the shots (and praying for the best). 


Game-Change is built upon a foundation of 10 questions. You know these questions. They’re the ones that keep you awake at night. You may never have uttered them, but you feel them lurking beneath your thoughts.  It's time to dig in and start finding answers.

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Hey all,


I'm thrilled you stopped by to check out Game-Changer's Guide to Radical Success. 

With strong pre-orders and a flurry of emails from friends who scored advance copies, it's clear we all could use a jumpstart on how to navigate in a way that's more auspicious than trying to rebuild what was. Because we know the way out of this is forward, not back.


I'm stepping up to the challenge. You are officially, cordially invited to join me in any of three ways to get your Game-Change on...and they're all FREE. 

  1. Game-Changers Chats: Now through when the book launches in August we're hosting weekly live interviews with game-changers from our network of business leaders, conscious capitalism agitators, entrepreneurs, and high-performers.  Every one of them is a compelling, fascinating bundle of life experiences just like you and me.  They've stood in the face of "this is not enough for me!" and pivoted, like we all need to do right now. I'll be posting dates on our Events page, so stay tuned and click the button below!

  2. Get-Going Calls: I'm also hosting Get-Going Calls every other week starting in June. In the Get-Going calls, I'll unveil the Game-Change Process chapter-by-chapter, tool-by-tool, sharing with you how you plan your evolution, and helping you plot your own Radical Success.

  3. 1:1s: Want a 1:1 30-minute convo about applying Game-Change to your career? Let me know by popping me a direct message. I'm in if you are.

This process works. All you have to do is USE it. I'm so excited to help you make sure you do.

Let's game-change the world,

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