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"A breath of fresh air in

the often staid world of leadership development consulting. You will emerge a more compassionate & confident leader." 


"Leadership innovator helping executives & high-level employees use the lives they have as raw clay for realizing their ideal selves." 

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Get your greatness

 in gear 

The Game-Changer's Guide to Radical Success  has ignited a movement of senior leaders, goal-oriented achievers & high performers integrating authenticity for GREATNESS in work & life.

This is your invitation to take your change-ability to the next level in support of your life satisfaction working directly with me and a curated group of likeminded peers in the Game Change Mastermind starting March 19, 2024. 


Enrollment closes March 11!


Knowing and acting from your truth is the key to greatness and  satisfaction in life.  


Over the course of 10 weeks, through 10 lessons and 10 group conversations, you'll learn to experience life as an arena in which all that happens is simply fodder for deeper connection to and expression of your own truth. 


In a small, curated group of peers you will practice ways of both recognizing and acting from your authentic truth, learning to hear your own voice more clearly and holding the truth of others more compassionately.  These new skills will be life changing.

In asking what is Game-Change, ask yourself,

'What do I most deeply long for?"

Isn't it high time you lived your life on your

own terms?

As successful as you have been so far, what's next? This mastermind is a roadmap aligning your "next" deeply with your fundamental truth, your authentic self, yielding what you most long to experience  in this lifetime.


With 10 cut-to-the-chase lessons, exclusive content, feet-to-the-fire weekly group action planning/accountability calls, and 1:1 coaching you will . . . 

  • Name the change you most deeply long for.

  • Establish and cultivate YOUR Game Change mindset . . .hack your thinking for greatness!

  • Access an irrefutable source of evidence that you are completely capable of Game-Changing no matter your current situation.

  • Master the exact mechanics of how to Game Change so you experience being your optimal and authentic self . . . and STICK TO IT no matter what.

  • Embrace why discomfort is your friend...especially when you doubt it most!

  • Hone mindset management to be steadfast against doubts or judgement by others around you.

  • Leverage what you see in the world around to accelerate your evolution and deepen your connection to YOU.

  • Create lasting shift-ability, with a sustainable success toolkit to keep you evolving towards your vision and safeguard against backsliding to sleepwalking!


one lesson at a time - on your own time

Each week you'll access short lessons that will put you in gear on your roadmap to authenticity & radical success. 


You'll get immersed in...

  • Concepts to consider that will deepen your fluency in your own greatness

  • Prompts for reflection & insight that will wake you up to all the ways you can either make changes happen (or sabotage your dreams)

  • Mind clearing practices to get the gunky thinking out of your way.  

Digest the lessons on your own time, doodle the exercises, walk around bearing in mind the alignment-assignments...shift happens in the perceiving AND doing...and it doesn't take a ton of time!

Game change GROUP Calls

There's a reason some people pivot & some don't.  While it starts with desire, support & accountability have a lot to do with making it happen.  These calls provide both.


Starting 3/19, for ten Tuesdays* from 5:30-6:30PM ET we'll get together virtually as a group to unpack what happened the previous week, what you saw, what you'd like to see, and how to move forward. 


Learning from both applying the tools & hearing the input of pretty amazing peers is a powerful accellerator as you travel your own path to radical success.

Being authentic & engaging with others around what matters most to you in life is super habit-forming, and life informing!  You're going to look forward to these calls more than you can possibly imagine!


*no call on 4/2

1:1 Keep it real sessions

You already know how to check any box the world has handed to you. It's time to integrate more you into that amazing life you've built.


For some of us the challenge is owning what we long for.  Some struggle with cynicism that our dreams are even possible.  For others, it might be tough to keep the faith when the road gets rough. I'm an adept at all of these stages in effecting the changes we most long for.  Each participant gets a two 1:1 sessions with me, one at the start, and one to be used anytime within 100 days of the start of the Mastermind. 


I'll be by your side as you navigate everything unfolding with a stronger sense of power through it all.


The end result? A sense of shift-ability.  A deeper sense of self respect.  A loyalty to your own sense of greatness and navigational true north you can call upon in the moment, no matter what is unfolding.   

Joan Lavin

"I was at an inflection point in my life, and Tevis really helped me consider my next move. Tevis has deep subject matter expertise, and you're going to get someone who can take you on a supportive, challenging, and empathetic journey."

Dan Ginsberg

"Tevis is exactly what I needed. She has helped me identify what optimal is for me. If you're looking for someone to push you to be who you want to be, Tevis is amazing."

Melissa Berman

"Working with Tevis has helped me identify the changes I need to make me radically successful in life. I have seen major results and working with Tevis is a no-brainer."






       Brene Brown, Author, Lecturer, Professor

Andy Sich

"Game Change with Tevis has been the best investment in me. She's amazing at listening to my challenges and creating game changing actions. As a result, I've become an inspired leader."

Tara Cassaza

"Tevis has you really dig deep into your experiences and what you want. Tevis is unique from other coaches with her extremely personable approach. She pushed me out of my comfort zone, yet was super supportive."

Eric Helms

"I was in a professional transition and Tevis really gave me the tools to think about my happiness, and align it with my career. She helped me institute proactive thinking. As a coach is empathetic and really emotionally galvanized me into change."


My name is Tevis Trower.  I believe. . .

True Success is Radical.

Whether negotiating nine-figure business deals, digging ditches for the US Army, sitting in silence with swamis or walking the earth with Lakota shaman, I've observed that a job title does not mean greatness any more than a robust bank account means happiness. 


Working with executives at KKR, Bloomberg, Google, The NBA, Disney, Chanel & many other great organizations has borne out this conviction & affirmed that the capacity for greatness lies within us all.


For people who know how to check the boxes of success, there is often an underlying longing for more, for deeper, for rooted & wildly true.  This is the essence of what I mean by radical.  It is the source of both greatness & happiness.


I help C-Suite leaders & high achievers integrate greatness into all they do for a lifetime legacy equal to their talents & gifts; for the energy & deep happiness that follows. 


Game Change is the roadmap I created for doing exactly that.  This mastermind will help you LIVE it.


                                                                Brene Brown, Author

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