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Virtual Programs

  • Small Business programs are suitable for both remote & on-site employees.

  • Executive Leadership coaching, roundtables, off-sites and more.

  • Help execs, managers, and employees stay physically & mentally fit, connected & having fun.

Check out options below...

Image by Wes Hicks
The Micro-Learning
Experience: Whisper 

• Signature Balance Integration resiliency content delivered via email as bite-sized lessons or action points

• Contains specific, iterative calls to action

• Geared towards empowering employees with sustainable resilience tools

• Supports connectedness &  interaction

• Includes reporting and metrics

• Ubiquitous in reach

Cost $22,000

Social Distance in Office
The Resiliency Series Experience:
The Power of You

• Signature Balance series includes

three distinct talks (60 minutes) with Balance & industry experts

Includes 1:1 pre-interviews with select organizational leaders to shape content

• Includes interactive breakout sessions (90 minutes),  1 per session

• Manager tie-in

Cost:  $43,000

Business Meeting
The Starter Kit Experience: Self-Campaign Guidance

• Everything you need to launch and manage a three-week resiliency campaign

• Includes Balance Integration turn-key resiliency content based on 20 years expertise

• Requires self-management of implementation across various distribution channels

• No reporting or metrics

Cost:  $16,000

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 5.30.44 PM.png
The Complete Challenge Experience:
Full Throttle

• Competitive employee "points" competition

• Scalable, global 

• Private-labeled/branded

• Customized content & communications templates based on 20 years expertise

• Customized points opportunities integrating organizational initiatives

•Interactive features include mini challenges, daily tasks, photo sharing, comment wall

• Inspiring weekly content themes, including fitness, mental health, productivity, connectivity, creativity, and more

• Teams (Office, Location, etc.)

• Leaderboards


Small Business
Virtual Leadership & Impact  Courses
Board Meeting

The problems we navigate cannot be solved with the same thinking that led to them.  When interaction among leadership teams is limited and repetitive, they can't ask themselves new questions or develop new solutions. With unprecedented isolation and simultaneous information overload in this current environment, we can help. 

Working Outside


Now is no time to abandon ship on fostering greater team integration.  With big changes unfolding, you don't have to and shouldn't give up on important big-picture time together, as doing so can be disastrous to business longevity. 

Let us design and facilitate your virtual leadership deep-dive to meet your team's objectives.


In the thick of uncertainty, relentless firefighting will burn leaders out, preventing them from steering the organization towards safety and productivity. 

Right now, they need FIREKEEPING, skills which will help them to take a step back to determine where  these changes are going and how to get the organization to the horizon, intact.

Outdoor Workout

Trust. Identity. Contribution. Logistics. Mood. Fear.  

The connections between cognitive, emotional and immune function are direct and never as tested as they are through crisis.  Give your managers a 10-week immersion in how to be at their best so they can lead through any level of chaos.  10 Virtual Classes - for managers and team leads only.

Leadership Virtual
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