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The Balance Way

We believe that the essence of culture lies beneath the surface.

Our core process works to lower your water line.

Virtual Team Meeting

Step 1:


Truth is often elusive where power structures are present.  Even more so when uncertainty muddies hierarchy and objectives. We’ll help you surface the truths underlying the issues, what key influencers and stakeholders really think so your organization can better navigate and optimize behavior in the ever-changing landscape of work.

Step 2:



Leaders must be aligned with the direction needed for the survival of the organization. Firefighting through crisis, even more so. 

But to truly align with the organization, they first must better understand themselves. 

Beyond nodding in agreement, it means deepening their ability to manage themselves.  

That any one of us might have to change our words and actions can be hard to accept, especially for accomplished leaders and high-performers.

This is straight talk.    We pose penetrating questions, turn the answers into

conversations, and surface powerful executive alignment strategies that deliver results for your organization.

Business people meeting at office and us
Business Meeting

Step 3:


Resililence &


Your people need relief. 

Under the stress of change, your culture may need CPR. 

Let's put together relevant feel-goods, trust-building community connection, and resiliency support with strategic impact.

Our approach seeds and rewards culture-sustaining behavior to help everyone in the organization thrive through change.

When it comes to generating and preserving cultural momentum through the distractions of unpredictability, we'll help you leverage just the right amount of push and pull required.

A Transparent Approach

Working together is chemistry.  And chemistry is a two way street. If your organization is committed to putting great insights into action to foster an inspiring work culture and has the chutzpah to work with a team of innovators who will tell it to you straight, we may be a match. Together we’ll leverage customized solutions that deliver the positive impact you seek. Ask yourself:

  • Is the need to shore up your organization's culture  mandated from the very top?

  • Is your c-suite actively engaged in that mission?  

  • Are you responsible for your organization's cultural brand and engagement KPIs?

  • Does your organization have specific deliverables and metrics tied to culture or engagement?

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