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Business Owner
Business Strategy & Culture Consulting 

We are business strengtheners, strategists, nurturers and healers. We: 

  • Transform practices from slogging along to thriving

  • Guide leaders to perform at the highest level and sharpen their management abilities

  • Mediate difficult times and crisis among teams and partners

We bring leading-edge consulting skills commensurate with the “big guys” to bear on your small business success. Not only do we see you and serve you, we are you.

We've got your back.

                                                                                                          - Marjorie Spitz-Rento, Balance Integration President

Core Offerings

Through strategic guidance, and organizational, business and interpersonal skills, we assess the situation and create a path and environment where leaders and teams succeed, grow and learn.

  • Business Consulting – Via strategy development, accountability and implementation, we help you re-envision your business and map a clear path to profitability while simultaneously creating a supportive and thriving workplace culture.  


  • Executive/Entrepreneur Coaching – What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing right now? What’s your biggest obstacle? Whether you’re looking to up your game professionally, need a sounding board or are ready to make lifestyle changes, we help you chart a course to success and serve as accountability for taking action to get there.


  • Group/Team Workshops with Chutzpah – With so much being done virtually, connectivity and empathic leadership is critical. We custom design facilitated sessions that bring your team together for powerful sharing of ideas that support their growth, collaboration and mental well-being.  Some of our favorite topics can be seen here.

Team Meeting

With Balance Integration Small Business, I know I’m working with a real partner. Their knowledge is so deep. They helped us pivot in a direction we needed to go and as a result we embraced new ways of doing business and new ideas to set us up for success, and our business is thriving.

CEO, Physiofitness

Marjorie is magical at helping people achieve their full potential! She innately understands and adapts to the needs of varied clients in a compassionate, insightful and sensitive way. Whether for an individual or group, she creates customized strategies to meet each customers’ needs, gently guiding people to see new paths where they can achieve success.

Lyn-Genet Recitas, NY Times Best-Selling Author, The Plan

Balance Integration created an open and free environment that opened the door to a conversation around “What could I be doing?” to take care of myself and my team and be better able to excel.

Team Leader, KKR

Small Town

Hard Questions - Drive Results.

We know the Power of the Pivot

Inspiring Tools for Combining your Passion with Money-Making 

Having lived, seen and guided the power of the pivot, we know what it’s like to build up, pare down, reinvent or repurpose. With limited resources and lean teams, small businesses face retooling the boat while already navigating turbulent seas. The key to smooth sailing is creating an approach that is customized for your specific situation attached to realist actionable plan.


Balance Integration Small Business Strategy provides a combination of business consulting, coaching AND implementation. We ask you the hard questions in a gentle, safe, yet unwavering environment. We listen deeply, and help you move from what is to the best outcome possible.  

Vision statements, policies and winging it only get you so far. Evolution requires new conversations and new actions by leadership. We have successfully fostered both.

Focusing on the intersection of money-making, meaning and the magic of your passion for your business, we give you the tools and tactics you need to drive lasting organizational impact.  

Whether a small family run business, or 500 strong organization, together in a playful yet efficient way we will:

  • Re-envision your business in the new “work from anywhere” world

  • Develop strategies for both the immediate and long term that make your vision real

  • Create an “All In” culture that everyone stands for and models throughout the organization

  • Align policies, structures and KPIs so your people know what’s expected and how to get things done

  • Do gap assessments and upskill leadership commensurate with what’s needed

  • Put metrics and measurement tools in place

  • Map a clear path to profitability

Reach out to schedule a discovery session to see if there is a fit.

Today, every decision you make feels like it has more heightened repercussions than it did a year ago. These challenges are simply magnified by the economic uncertainties we all face.

Coffee Shop

Small Business Big Impact Series

Sign up for our monthly “Small Business Big Impact” series for lean-in discussions of trends and issues impacting small businesses. You’ll gain the skills, insights and tools to impact your business on a path to success and there will be plenty of time built in for conversation and Q&A.

Meet Marjorie. 

President, Balance Integration Small Business - MOJO Maker®, Business Strategist, Executive Coach, Speaker, Catalyst.

Marjorie Spitz headshot1.jpg

Small business isn’t just my passion, it’s in my blood.


My entrepreneurial immigrant grandparents owned bakeries; other relatives of that generation owned or ran a range of businesses such as a wholesale candy distributor, dental lab, orange grove, research survey company and movie theaters. One was even a bootlegger. 


I understand the conundrum of having limited resources and needing to get a plan in place to stay relevant while also motivating and empowering a high performing staff. 


Today, every decision you make feels like it has more heightened repercussions than it did a year ago. These challenges are simply magnified by the economic uncertainties we all face.  


Leaders are people. To optimize your impact, you have to be willing to optimize yourself. With years in the advertising industry and as executive director for non-profit organizations, I understand how to curate a high engagement organization starting with assessment and optimization of leadership. 


As President of Balance Integration Small Business, I help companies of 5-500 employees pivot their business through strategy, coaching, C-Suite alignment and implementation. Clients include KKR, Havas, NBA, Physiofitness and Dune Resorts.  


I’m also proud to be a sought after speaker and facilitator on topics such as self-sabotage, performance, empathetic leadership and how to thrive for organizations like Deloitte, Fly Female Founders, Leaders Lounge, Fast Company, Peer 150, KKR and Open Mind Strategy.

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