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Werner Herzog on Skateboarding & ASTONISHING Failure (ie. Success)

Effort is sacred. Persistence is divine.

We talk about how many times it took to invent the lightbulb. How many shots you have to take and miss to score.

Secretly, our cultural default is pretty short term when it comes to achievement.

This conversation between Jenkem Magazine (skateboarder mag) and iconic German film/music creator Werner Herzog offers wisdom for staying true to what calls our hearts, especially when convention might tell us to move on, give it up, try something less punishing.

"So many failures, it's astonishing", says Werner.

Many of the most ardent among us feel astonished about our difficulties in pursuit of our dreams, building our lives. But therein lies the astonishing beauty. Listening to my heart this week, turning inward from the din of opinion, should, urgency, "metrics for success" (so odd...that phrase...I'm thinking of banishing it from my vocabulary), I see my countless failures in a different light, in my own dazzling light rather than the harsh light of judgment.

He concludes he would be thrilled to be considered an honorary skateboarder, I concur 100%.

If you want to join a tribe of skateboarders of life, those for whom failure is natural on the path to fulfillment, join our Game-ChangeaPalooza Mastermind starting March 9th! Spots are limited so hurry!

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