Balance Integration fosters greater humanity and generative relationships at work in support of productive, sustainable organizational cultures. Founded in 2002, our NYC-based team currently serves clients in over 90 sites across the United States, with strategy initiatives in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. 


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Strategic Work from Home Solutions for Uncertain Times

How are you addressing employee fear & fostering resiliency through productivity disruption?

Navigating crisis requires a higher level of functioning by everyone in the organization, including leadership, managers and YOU. Clarity and responsiveness are needed now more than ever.  


Balance Integration offers the following powerful solutions to support corporations in shoring up their business continuity plans through crisis, and making the most of times of uncertainty for newfound strengths. 


Each program is scalable, geography-neutral and virtual, including a suite of potent online "off-site" experiences for global companies looking for an impactful alternative to in-person leadership development or on-site organization-wide activation. Our guides and formats bring organizations together in a humanizing, powerful way. 

Work from Home Solutions



The problems we navigate cannot be solved with the same thinking that led to them.  When interaction among leadership teams is limited and repetetive, they can't ask themselves new questions or develop new solutions. With unprecedented isolation and simultaneous information overload in this current environment, we can help. 


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Despite big changes unfolding, you don't have to and shouldn't give up on important big-picture time together, as doing so can be disastrous to business longevity. 

Let us design and facilitate your virtual leadership deep-dive to meet your team's objectives.

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  In the thick of uncertainty, relentless firefighting will burn leaders out, preventing them from steering the organization towards safety and productivity. 

Right now, they need FIREKEEPING, skills which will help them to take a step back to determine where  these changes are going and how to get the organization to the horizon, intact.

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Work from Home Solutions


MOMENTUM | RESILIENCY INTENSIVE                                        Trust. Identity. Contribution. Logistics. Mood. Fear.  

The connections between cognitive, emotional and immune function are direct and never as tested as they are through crisis.  Give your managers a 10-week immersion in how to be at their best so they can lead through any level of chaos.  10 Virtual Classes - for managers and team leads only.



Everything no one ever thought they'd need to know about managing remotely.

Three weeks of go-to resources and best practices for managers to maintain productivity, foster trust, and respond to changes as they unfold, with an option for facilitated team-leader huddles.

Work from Home Solutions




Global Gamefied  Strategies for Thriving through Change

"How do I be productive? Create some order in my life? Manage my own time?"

Virtualosity is a gamified approach to helping your employees forge a new path forward while protecting their productivity, sense of resiliency, and wellbeing.  Combining micro-learning with community interaction and points awarded for generative behaviors, Virtualosity gives employees a supportive platform of information and action, and helps them leverage interacting with one another to keep it fun - and we ALL need fun right now..