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Are you ready to escape?




A weekend immersion into nature-based clarity & rejuvenation practices in beautiful Woodstock, New York

July 23-25, 2021 

  • You really need a breather, a time out just for YOU.

  • You wish there was a magic energy injection you could use any time.

  • You want to remember what it feels like to feel at ease, playful in your own skin.

  • If you could just get away to get some perspective, you'd be able to tackle things so much more effectively.

  • Your battery is officially, totally drained.

  • There must a way to rejuvenate...and numbing out isn't the answer.

  • Giving yourself time to get a little fresh air and to surround yourself with the sounds and sights of nature feels like a dream-come-true.

  • You want to get out of triage and firefighting, and reconnect to life.

  • Life must be about more than what you do for a living.

  • You can't let any more time pass without reassessing and reviving.

  • A weekend with thoughtful peers, in laughter, nature and connection feels like just what the doctor ordered.


  • Start the weekend with our sparklit kickoff around the bonfire, letting go of what you are coming from, and stepping into what will unfold.

  • Relax into the comfort of what it is to be truly centered, making space in your heart for new experiences, learning and real fun.

  • Experience nature in a small community of like-minded seekers, feeling supported and accompanied.

  • Cultivate sensory awareness of groundedness, and how to provide it to yourself anytime, no matter where you are or what is happening.

  • Feel the power and certainty of clarity of vision through receptive seeing practices.

  • Enjoy newfound confidence as you feel relationship to all that is around you. 

  • Experience the sublime wisdom of silence and presence.

  • Harness the alchemical power of slowing down.

  • Free yourself from concerns about what the world might think of you to become the keeper of your own sense of self worth.

  • Receive tools to access your connection to the earth when you need it most, whether in a city or rural setting, surrounded by sky scrapers or park trees.

  • Know profoundly, 100%, that you are supported, and celebrated as part of the family of all there is.

Bonfire in Sand


Rebecca Singer & Tevis Trower

Greetings, I'm Rebecca Singer. I look forward to this weekend with you. Years of sharing these earth- based practices have led me to more enjoyment of doing so as each year passes.


Why?  Because I feel we need them now more than ever.


My Shamanic path began as a child, and my teachers have included 13 years of work with a Lakota healer,  five years of assistance from a Costa Rican Shaman, and tutelage from the women Shaman of The Reindeer People in Mongolia. 

I  have shared these teachings with people from all walks of life…. corporate, political, non profit, famous and wealthy, unknown and poor.  I've also been a teacher, actress, single mother, now wife and grandmother…..a writer (Singing into Bone is my first book), I know that no matter what the work we do, we have common needs, fears, and internal places that need nurturing.

My greatest pleasure is to empower you to be able to go into those places yourself, with the natural world as your guide, emerging fuller, a more complete, effective, and happier you.

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Hi there, I'm Tevis Trower.  Whether negotiating nine-figure business deals, digging ditches for the US Army, sitting in silence with swamis in India or walking the earth with Lakota shaman, I've observed that a job title does not mean greatness any more than a robust bank account means happiness. 


Diving deep into our relationship with Self, Work and Life itself,  it's clear to me that finding our way to meaning in each venue has less to do with tips, tricks or answers than it does with questions, practices , deep attention. and accessing the playfulness in your soul.  


For people who know how to check the boxes of success, there is often an underlying longing for more, for deeper, for what is rooted & wildly true.  Working as a leadership futurist with KKR, The NBA, Bloomberg, Google, Disney, Chanel & other organizations has borne out this conviction.  It's also affirmed to me that the capacity for greatness & profound satisfaction in this lifetime lies within us all.  It is both our birthright and mandate.


This weekend is an opportunity to access that "more".  It's been waiting for you all along.  I look forward to sharing it with you.

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scott sadler headshot.jpg

Scott Sadler
Chief People Officer Maps Credit Union

Rebeca Singer has been my guide and a  connector to the spirit side of nature for me for decades. Her knowledge and intuition is always on point and she has the real world experience to help people navigate the strange times we live in.


Bernice Boucher Managing Director  JLL

Heading into the woods to contemplate the inner work of success with Tevis was nothing short of game-changing.  As much as I rely on daily reflection to ground and guide me as a leader, it reminded me that answers are so often found where you least look - beyond your own mind.

Nicholas Petrucco.jpg

Nicholas Petrucco Research Scientist AMRI

Rebecca offers a thread of powerful practices to slow down, open our senses.
We begin to weave through the seasons back around to what it means to be human.
This is a medicine much needed now with important stitches added in the tapestry handed to our descendants.

Anne Chaisson.jpg

Anne Chaisson Executive Director
Hamptons Film Fest

When my boyfriend suggested it, I knew the trip would be a needed break from the usual, but I didn't know that I'd walk away feeling so shifted.  Something changed, leaving me deeply connected to myself and feeling deeply alive through the practices Tevis shared.

Beautiful Nature



Friday July 23rd - 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Saturday July 24th – 8AM – 8PM

Sunday July 25th - 9AM-1PM



$1,200 per person early bird if registered by June 21

$1,500 per person after June 21

$2,400 Two for One




What's included:

Teachings for all sessions

Ceremonial-grade cacao

Materials used to support activities/practices

Nutritious lunch & dinner on Saturday

Tea & light snacks available between meals

Private Facebook group for ongoing communications/support among participants

Not included:

Lodging, transportation, any meals not referenced above. 


Where to stay:

Lodging at various price points is easily found in the many inns, AirBNB and campgrounds in the greater Woodstock area.  It's a very popular area - book ahead!

NB:  All of our gatherings will be in the outdoors!

Tropical Leaves





Imagine the deep peace of sitting in the forest, hearing birds in the distance.  The sun peeks between leaves, and a breeze plays in your hair.  You are leaning against a tree, completely at ease as the weight of all your worries is received into the earth.  You feel empowered and complete exactly as you are. 


Our dream for you at this retreat is for you step outside the daily grind and enjoy time and space to let go, to embrace yourself and life itself, to feel the inner hug of a sincere laugh (and maybe a tear here or there), to allow for vibrant connecting with yourself and all there is. 


In the face of the countless choices you make each day to satisfy others, these two days will provide both a powerful pause and an empowering immersion into the peace and wisdom available in your own being, enhancing your confidence, clarity and groundedness in every venue of life for all the days to come.


If this speaks to your heart, heed the call.

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