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BURNED OUT! Employees everywhere hit with a new species of fatigue

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

When the world first shifted to working at home in March, many companies and leaders actually reported an unexpected boom in productivity. Organizations that would have spent 1-2 years formulating and integrating a careful telecommuting plan were thrust right into a new remote reality and, ultimately, surprised at not just how well it worked – but was it working even better?

Three months later, something notable is happening. Employees everywhere are suffering from a new and relentless kind of fatigue. With constant worry of losing their jobs, keeping up productivity appearances, taking on lay-off workload and treating each priority as if it might be the last (some while at a reduced salary), the workforce at large HAS been super productive. But motivated by fear and uncertainty, it's come at a real cost to their systems and mental health. Not to mention: With no water cooler hangs, hall passings or elevator rides, employees have no real read on what's going on ... or when it will end.

As a result, clients who have come to us are seeing never-before-encountered cultural issues. With a collective of exhausted employees, they want to know how to intervene, lift morale, save their workforce from drowning from overload, protect their bottom lines.

As a Creative Culture Solutions firm, our super power is looking at challenges with fresh eyes. Assessing the drivers of right-now challenges, we came up with a 4-part program to help companies address their fading front lines. The program is called Overwhelm to Optimal and is based on the principles of Sustainable Success.

To learn more about the program or partnering with Balance Integration, please contact us at or text us directly at (646) 477-2072.

Program Description | Overwhelm to Optimal: A 4-Part Culture-Catalyzing Series

Typically spanning 1 year, we condensed the curriculum into a pointed 3-week culture-catalyzing intensive by

focusing on the key ingredients to company-wide behavior shift.

  • Leadership Integration

  • Behavior Modeling

  • Accountability Systems

Briefed with the cause and solution of burnout as well as the tools for steering clear of it as both employees and an organization, the program has given many of our clients the lift they need to turn the corner from Overwhelm to Optimal.

A 1-hour company-wide introduction to the three elements of Sustainable Success.

  • Energy Management

  • Self Care Masteries

  • Cultural Modeling

Presented by our CEO or Principal, the grounding gathering brings the company together to transparently address the causes and realities of present challenges, and introduce the tools to address them as individuals and an organization.

In the days following the all hands, we facilitate and moderate intimate, level-by-level group intensives with your front-line managers to dig into the specifics of Sustainable Success. Includes a review of All Hands content, detailed how-to steps for practicing and modeling Sustainable Success through the organization + Q/A. Examples of cohorts:

  • Middle Management

  • Senior Management

  • Executives

  • C-Suite

Throughout the program and tethering the experience together are twice weekly email "nudges" sent from a senior leader and written by us on their behalf. Each email will contain an additional Sustainable Success practice for employees to add to their arsenals.

Following the Manager Masteries, employees are given the option to opt in to a Sustainable Success Accountability Partnership with an assigned employee. The pair is encouraged to meet twice weekly while WFH (once weekly if in the office) to brainstorm ideas, problem solve challenges and commit to acting on their personal Sustainable Success practices.

Are your employees running out of steam? Help them address the root of their overwhelm and bring the same healthy practices into cultural alignment so that both theirs and your companies success remains sustainable.

Balance Integration is a full-service consultancy that provides creative Culture Shift Solutions for corporations globally. Our clients rely on us to target the key drivers of change and support them in executing and integrating both productive mindsets shifts and culture-catalyzing programming throughout their organizations.

To learn more about the program or partnering with Balance Integration, please contact us at or text us directly at (646) 477-2072.

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