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C-Suite Sessions: Shelter From The Storm - Session #4

Finally. I've been thinking about sharing this practice for so very long. With my own storms raging and remembering to practice what we teach, it's a thrill to get it to you. And yes, for the first time, a VIDEO!

This practice is in response to all the urging we receive in our culture to work our will, get our way, get what we want, be the interaction in work or in personal life. My observation: this just sets us up for anxiety, for not being fully present with others, and for responding poorly when things unfold as they must. It sets us juxtaposed against what might otherwise emerge in grace, if only we can get our ego and personal interests out of the way.

As a counter-point to the ego storm that is our agenda, Shelter From The Storm is a two minute practice that allows you to set your highest possible intention not for what you want to get out of an interaction, but what you want to offer, how you want to be. And that is ALWAYS in your control.

It's an easy practice to work with, and the benefits are immediate. Take a breath, have a watch, and if you could be so kind, please share, and comment - we would love to know what you think.

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