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Unique Corporate Wellness Challenges: More Than Just Steps!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Our proven program for keeping employees connected, inspired and both physically & mentally fit!

As a Creative Culture Solutions consultancy, we have organized hundreds of unique step challenges for our clients.

Over the years, they’ve evolved from a way to get employees moving and connected to serving as a true culture-enhancing vehicle.

For example, when Fanatics Chief People Officer Robin Eletto came to us in the summer of 2019, the organization was facing high growth, had a mandate to integrate newly acquired talent and knew they’d need some kind of hook to get their busy crew of 8,000 global employees (including leadership) to pay attention.

We decided to focus the Fanatics Challenge on global collaboration, leveraging their already existing Fitness and L&D programs, as well as connecting their warehouse and office employees. Along the way, we spotlighted and humanized their leaders who served as inspiration and models throughout the competition.

Following, 100% of participants said they’d do it again, and with COVID-19 driving them to WFH, Fanatics swiftly hired us to produce another Challenge, focused this time on ”unity” and WFH education. For this Challenge, we leveraged self-care, productivity best practices, creativity & innovation training and more. That’s just two examples!

Below, find out how we use our Challenges as an exciting change agent that unites & inspires employees, as well as what we do to make sure it’s a win for employers, too.

Who Will Benefit from a Challenge

Corporations looking to:

  • Insert a burst of fun, morale and competition into your culture

  • Promote their current programs through a unique and potentially global platform (marketing included)

  • Encourage a ton of team/department camaraderie locally or across regions

  • Model positive behavior & leadership on an engaged platform to help deliver a cultural message

  • Lift morale by creating a number of recognition opportunities

  • Stir up Industry networking & partnerships (in this scenario, a group of small to mid-sized companies within one industry can compete against each other to drum up company pride)

Why Both Employees AND Employers Love These Challenges

1. Full customization! We cater the names, themes, content, activities, incentives and prizes to your cultural needs.

Though we use similar framework, we cater each Challenge to address desired organizational competencies/gaps in competency.

Whether clients are looking for a way to promote current programs or support their employees in staying connected, mentally fit, physically fit, inspired and more, we customize challenge activities & incentives to suit YOUR goals.

Common Focus Asks:

· Fitness

· Productivity

· Recognition

· Sleep

· Agility & Resiliency

· Mental Health

· Global Connectedness

· WFH Best Practices

· Unity / Team Spirit

· Creativity & Innovation

2. We encourage employers to leverage our challenges to integrate already existing company programs.

Do you have programs that you think employees may not be aware of or understand? We can help you bring them to the forefront. Whether related to fitness, philanthropic, L&D, D&I, ESG or health insurance premium reductions, we’ve got you covered.

3. We take care of all branding, design and marketing needs.

Wondering how you’ll get the word out? We’ve got you. We have a savvy marketing and design team on staff who will create a customized marketing strategy and all the collateral you need, including copy, screen displays, table tents, bathroom flyers, t-shirts and more!

4. We provide a safe, interactive, private-labeled portal!

Wondering where all the action takes place? In a customized portal/hub that we create for you. Our portal partner will create a space for your employees to register, create profiles, log activities, post photos and more.

5. We’re a full-service communications team with trained copywriters on staff.

We have a team on staff ready to stir up the excitement while aligning with the tone of your organization. Using our communications timeline, we create each email, Slack post, internal website communication on your behalf. All you have to do is hit send or publish!

6. We sprinkle in surveys to collect intel for your leaders and org for future culture initiatives.

We love data, and most of our clients do, too. We use every opportunity to collect information throughout the challenge that we share with our clients to inform their cultural strategies.

7. We provide an in-depth summary and report!

Speaking of data, we prepare all reporting for you that recaps the program and highlights observations, the numbers and feedback so that we can constantly refine the program and it’s ready for you to reference later or pass along as needed.

8. It sends the message to your employees that you understand they’re not a robot programmed to work 24/7 and you’re cool with them having a good time.

This might be the most important tool of all! The more your employees believe you have their best interests in mind, the more goodwill they will demonstrate towards your company and the work they do for you.

  • “I think it was awesome! I really enjoyed it; and feel very appreciative. I think you've done great job! Every morning I was looking forward to new challenge.”

  • “Thank you for thinking of us globally and helping us all stay connected in these unfamiliar times. I've looked forward to checking the program every morning and before I log off at night.”

Balance Integration is a full-service consultancy that provides creative Culture Shift Solutions for corporations globally. Our clients rely on us to target the key drivers of change and support them in executing and integrating both productive mindsets and programming throughout their organizations.

If you’d like to discuss what a Balance Integration Challenge could look like for your organization, please contact us at or text us directly at (646) 477-2072.

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