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The C-Suite Sessions: Enough is Enough - Session #3

Updated: May 10, 2019

The C-Suite Sessions is an ongoing series of short mental agility exercises meant to give busy executives practical centering tools that they can use anywhere. The series was created by Balance Integration CEO Tevis Trower and born of her 17 years leading executive development initiatives at best-practice corporations including Bloomberg, KKR, NBA and Disney, among others.

Session #3 - "Enough Is Enough"

Just in time for the glow of the holidays to ebb and the hope of new year's resolutions to give way to...well, whatever they give way to, below is a link to our newest C-Suite Sessions, Enough Is Enough. If you know the feeling of overwhelm, ever find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself, or have moments of doubt that you've really given something your all, this one's for you. High-achievers take a bow - you deserve a moment of feeling like you are already and always enough.

This is a great tool for moments of self-doubt, overwhelm, and (ahem!) judgey-ness. Four simple statements. Four breaths. You can do it anywhere, anytime. And you can even practice it in supportive dedication for others in your life who might be feeling overwhelmed or inadequate.

Some of you know from previous posts and podcasts that our team kicks off every week with a team meeting on Monday afternoons.  At the top of every call is a short, five-minute or less practice - one that our CEO creates for us or one that someone on the team feels inspired to offer.  Enough Is Enough is the practice we turn to when things are particularly hairy and everyone is running at full speed to get things done.  We've found that times of high-impact are the moments that the nasty voice of judgement can be at it's loudest lambasting every choice we make.  

Feeling yourself as valid, valuable, and absolutely adequate has the transformative effect of eliminating grasping, inverting the power of insecurity to drive your actions, and cleaning your filter so that you truly see that what happens around you isn't happening TO you.  

And just a little PS:  we posted this a few days ago across social media and were delighted and not at all surprised that some of the most productive, successful people in our network reached out with notes of thanks and forwarding to others.  Because here's the dirty little secret:  we're all pretty hard on ourselves.  

Give it a try. "Like" it if you like it. Tell us what you think either way.  And do two friends a favor at once by sharing it.

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