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Executive After Hours: Real Conversations with Leaders - Episode 161 with Tevis, not Teevis..

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

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In this episode, James and I shared our own cultural upbringing that leads us to become who and where we are today.

February 1, 2018

Tevis Rose Trower is a pioneer in the field of work-life satisfaction. Fueled by the question, “Why do we ‘hate’ work?”, Trower in 2001 founded New York-based Balance Integration Corporation, providing work-life balance and creativity tools to maximize human assets in corporate America. Heralded in the recently published Megatrends 2010 as Corporate Mindfulness Guru for the new millennium, Trower teaches corporate professionals how to apply time-tested mindfulness techniques to resolve modern work-life challenges.

Trower is a faculty member in advanced management studies at NYU’s School for Continuing and Professional Studies. Under the auspices of Balance Integration, Trower has created work life mastery programs for numerous leading organizations including Google, AOL, Viacom, Yahoo!, Edelman Public Relations, Disney, Cleary-Gottleib, and the Young Presidents Organization.

Trower is also a certified creativity coach and presents at Kripalu, Exhale, and studios around the globe. Her work has been cited in publications including Yogi Times, Yoga Journal, Business Week, Forbes, Investors Business Daily, Glamour, and AMNY. She is also a former U.S. Army reservist and board member of the New York Yoga Teachers’ Association.

Trower’s breadth of professional and cultural experience includes dealing with the human element within the corporate environments of Fortune 500 companies, such as General Motors, Coca-Cola, IBM, and UPS, as well as her years as a cross-industry consultant with Korn/Ferry International.

In addition to a master’s degree in international business, Trower has studied and certified with many luminaries in the area of business mastery, yoga, meditation, authentic leadership, creativity in business, and systems thinking. Her greatest pleasure is converting great concepts into practical experiences with takeaway tools that participants use to immediately and in the long term enhance their work-life reality.

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