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Tevis for Wings Podcast Ep. 646 with Melinda Wittstock: Why Superheroes Suck at Leadership

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Leveraging People As Your Most Precious Business Asset

What is your most precious asset as a business owner? Your product? Your IP? Your systems? Your community?

Sure, those are all assets, yet it is the people on your team – including you – that spell the difference between success and failure.

So again, your most precious asset? It’s your people.

Entrepreneurship is a roller-coaster, requiring almost a narcissistic level of confidence in yourself and your abilities to overcome all the naysayers and scale into a profitable business. Yet your confidence can get in the way if it morphs into a mindset where you think you have to “do it all” yourself simply because your confidence tells you you can.

So how do we find the balance between confidence in ourselves and confidence in our team?

Listen to Wings today to learn why “superheroes suck at leadership”, according to leadership futurist Tevis Trower, and why shaping culture is a collective responsibility across the entire team.

Tevis is known as a “corporate mindfulness guru for the new millennium”, helping major corporations from Disney to Morgan Stanley optimize their teams and culture. CEO and Founder of Balance Integration Corporation, Tevis has been heralded as a “breath of fresh air in leadership development” by Forbes Magazine – and she focuses her work on helping executives find work/self-integration, wholeness-based leadership, mindfulness, resiliency, mastery, innovation, and radical success.

  • How to avoid “us and them” culture and empower your team

  • How to balance being confident in yourself and trusting your team enough to delegate and inspire their leadership

  • Why shaping culture is a collective responsibility across the entire team

  • Why it’s vital to find a balance between your masculine and feminine energy as a leader

  • The secrets of creating a great company culture in virtual and hybrid working environments

  • How to create an “economy of energy” focused around key goals

  • How to overcome your fears and imposter syndrome

  • The importance of having a fresh perspective in your business

  • And much more!

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