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The Drop In CEO with Tevis Trower: Nurturing All Levels of Team Performance

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In today’s episode, Tevis Trower shares the importance of understanding the strengths of every team member and how to address lower performers and embrace their skills where they are in order to increase overall productivity and success. Listen in as Deborah and Tevis discuss the expectations of high performers, why Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is critical for understanding workplace performance, and how to assess and support lower performing team members in a positive way.

Tevis Trower is a Leadership Futurist and innovator in optimizing corporations through fostering greatness in leaders. Heralded in bestselling Megatrends 2010 as “corporate mindfulness guru for the new millennium”, Tevis has assisted powerful organizations ranging from Disney to Morgan Stanley in optimizing their most precious assets: human beings. She has created and facilitated global executive immersions for prestigious organizations including Harvard Business Review Events, Young Presidents Organization, PWC, Bloomberg LP, Viacom, Google and The Economist on issues including executive alignment, legacy and impact, conscious leadership, imposter syndrome, innovation, and the role of corporate culture in fostering radical success and ubiquitous engagement.

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