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Tevis on the Circuit of Success Podcast with host, Brett Gilliland

Listen to it HERE!!

Join Brett Gilliland with Tevis Trower as they talk about some happiness habits and the guide to radical success. Tevis is a speaker, author of The Game Changer’s Guide to Radical Success, and the founder and CEO of Balance Integration Corporation. In this episode, she shares how she finds happiness.

Happiness Contextualized Opinions about what happiness is and how to find it varies from person to person. For high-performers like Tevis, it is all about figuring out what the game is and nailing it. Finding things that she is good at makes her feel good. There is some reward received from figuring it out, whether it be a title, a spouse, a property, or compensation. Yet, at some point, there is the realization that the extrinsic reward is not actual happiness, and so Tevis starts to embark on a more profound quest for happiness. By being true to herself, Tevis found happiness. Overcoming imaginary fears increases the chances of doing better. Paying attention to intuition and creativity means performing better and becoming happier. Happiness is entirely intrinsic; it is what one brings to the present moment.

Embrace Discomfort One of Tevis’ eight happiness habits is to embrace discomfort. Tevis likes that she does not want to turn a blind eye to it; she does not pretend not to feel uncomfortable. Tevis steps into the whole picture of who she is, including the negative emotions. She looks for one thing as a quality of leadership – how one is aware of their shadow side. Until there is an acknowledgment that those aspects exist, that means living a false reality of oneself. By embracing discomfort shows there is no fear for the negative side of things. As leaders, acknowledging discomfort is important to lead others going through it themselves.

Outline of the Episode: [00:30] Permission to think for oneself in the leadership process to make a unique contribution [03:43] How Tevis finds and defines happiness [09:18] What it means and looks like to practice [12:45] Food for thought on how to stay in the moment and enjoy the journey [18:45] Learn to embrace discomfort as a habit for happiness [27:00] A preview on Tevis’ book, The Game Changer’s Guide to Radical Success

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