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Podcast #155: Great Leaders are Vulnerable with Tevis Trower

"Winning Teams"

Host: John Murphy

How do you really know if you are an effective leader? The financials of a company only show its profitability, but don’t say anything about its leadership. An organisation could look good on paper, but deep inside there could be issues making its employees unhappy. As a leader, you want your employees to thrive and grow because at the end of the day, what really drives an organisation to reach new heights are its people.

In this episode, the Corporate Mindfulness Guru, Tevis Trower, joins us today as she tackles what it really takes to be an effective leader. As the CEO and founder of Balance Integration Corporation, she has dug deep into the culture and behaviours present in organisations she’s worked with and brought to light the issues preventing them from levelling up. They say there’s strength in vulnerability, and Tevis is here to discuss just that as she talks about what is key for leaders to truly leave a lasting impact.

If you are a CEO or a leader of your organisation, this episode will be of interest to you. So check out these episode highlights and tune in to the show!

What We Talked About in This Episode:

  • Leaders As Clay on Their Way to Realizing Their Ideal Future Selves

  • The Window to Self-Actualisation and Making the Pivot

  • The Head Nodding Syndrome Prevalent in Boardrooms

  • Her Definition of Culture

  • The Damage from Tolerating Bad Behaviour

  • Getting in Alignment with the Senior Team

  • The Need for Trust and Vulnerability

  • Keys to Unlocking the Willingness To Create Space for Change

  • Being Called the Corporate Mindfulness Guru

About Our Guest:

Tevis Trower is the CEO and founder Balance Integration Corporation, an organisation that works with major companies to affect real change. An expert in what is required in order to be a really effective leader, she will challenge you to be thoughtful about the things you need to improve on.

  • Tevis Trower on LinkedIn

  • Tevis Trower on Twitter

  • Tevis Trower on Facebook

  • Balance Integration Corporation website

To know more about their upcoming gathering of high level cohort of Csuite executives curious about legacy and the impact of presence, go to The Woodstock Sessions website:

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