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Podcast: Being a more engaged business leader, with Tevis Trower

"Onward Nation, Episode 922"

Presented by Predictive ROI with Stephen Woessner

Early in Tevis’s business career, she recognized that there is a need for more human-focused leadership in today’s business world. Many companies say “people are their most valuable asset,” but not enough companies focus on creating powerful people-focused cultures that allow their employees to shine. Tevis believes that the key to being a stronger, more effective and empowering leader is to recognize and embrace the reality that you bring your whole self to work, both your strengths and your weaknesses.

Tevis sees imposter syndrome as a sort of “default human state” that we all experience, created by our fear of failure and our strong need for success. She believes that what pushes many high performers to succeed is not a desire to win but a drive to avoid failure and the stigma associated with it. In her work, she helps people recognize their focus on the things that create discontent rather than the things that bring them joy, and she helps them reconnect with their heart and with the things they love.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How Tevis’s upbringing taught her the value of curiosity and how she realized the importance of leadership engagement

  • Why imposter syndrome is a common problem in the C-suite that often affects the people we least expect

  • Why Tevis started her company in 2002, and how the needs of her clients caused the company to evolve its focus to culture and wellness

  • How, after seventeen years in business, Tevis realized that something was missing from the work she and her team were doing, and what eye-opening realizations she had

  • Why Tevis realized the most important contribution she could make to her team was to back up and let them work through their own realizations about what needed to change

  • Why employees want their leaders to be vulnerable, human, and unpolished and want to feel a sense that their own voice is helping shape their company

  • Why people are trained their whole lives to believe that they don’t have a role in shaping the culture around them and why this creates blind spots in leaders

  • Why getting input from your team doesn’t mean that you are an indecisive leader and why that input can be a powerful resource for your business

  • Why self-awareness at work helps you further your leadership growth and form stronger relationships with the people around you

Tevis Trower is the founder and CEO of Balance Integration Corporation, focused on helping build corporate cultures that allow employees to thrive. Their remarkable client list includes companies like Google, Yahoo, Disney, Viacom, AOL, Soros, Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, and more. Tevis is considered a pioneer and leader in the field of cultural transformation at work, with significant expertise in imposter syndrome, trust, innovation, emotionally sustainable leadership, and fostering an environment of resilience. She has been featured in prominent media outlets such as Forbes, Business Week, Fortune CIO, The New York Post, Yoga Journal and many more.

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