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Podcast: Fear with Tevis Trower

"Business Owner Freedom"

FEAR - are you experiencing anxiety with a pending recession, the coronavirus, business worries, employee troubles, customer concerns, family matters....? We talk about where to begin, which is with our thoughts. We must handle anxiety when it comes our way. We have to step through the fear and take action.

"What is it going to take?" Tevis Trower

Tevis walks us through how to combat these thoughts. She talks about our baseline fear of survival and how that drives our thoughts. We have to listen to the voice of wisdom. In the end, we have one life to live and give.

"No one here gets out alive." Jim Morrison, The Doors

It may sound unrelated, but we talk about self-respect and self-care and how that plays a central part in dealing with fear. Listen in an enjoy the conversation.

"Do or do not, there is no try". Yoda

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