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Podcast: Tevis Trower: Facilitating Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace

In her conversation with us, Tevis ventures beyond traditional wellness initiatives to what she sees as the real reason why people are not more happy and fulfilled – in their career and life in general.

As Tevis explains, there is much talk these days about being our best selves, yet that goal can actually prevent us from finding the true happiness and fulfillment that we are looking for. Companies seek to engage and optimize their human capital, yet unless the real issues are addressed, they will never experience the best their employees have to offer. Listen in as Tevis Trower outlines both the problem and the solution for building effective leaders and an organization that values humanity while driving extraordinary results.

Listen here:

Key Takeaways

If you want to build a great organization for human beings you need to start by building a great relationship with your own inner human being. The under-belly of being our best selves is the allergy to anything that is not our best selves – the vulnerability of humanity, and attending to anything that still needs attending to. Inner fullness begins with self-inquiry.

We need to make room for humanity in our lives and workplaces. You don’t shift culture through policy and programs. The only way you shift culture is by changing conversations.

When you only define your sense of self-worth based on your last win, it makes it really hard to think broadly, to be creative, and follow your gut.

When you know that you exist and have value above and beyond your last business win, how much more confident are you in taking risks and making quality decisions?

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