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Tevis talks about Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - Happiness at Work by Management 3.0

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Listen Here:

Find out what it takes to overcome the imposter syndrome and why having more authentic conversations with ourselves will foster more authentic conversations with others.

What is our relationship with what we do everyday? How do we orient our leadership to self-expression and when is the last time we asked ourselves what we’re consistently discontent with?

In this episode, Tevis talks about imposter syndrome and how everyone is “faking it until they make it.” At the time it aired, I was finishing my senior year of college and about to enter the professional world. I was terrified and felt unqualified for any job I applied for. Tevis’ talk allowed me to think about why I was feeling this way, and how much it could impact my future. She explains that having authentic conversations with ourselves is the only way to break free from self-limiting beliefs, and doing so will foster more authentic conversations with potential bosses and even current ones.

Her advice allowed me to think about the disconnect between what I wanted to do, and what I thought I could do. When I began to have these conversations with myself I was able to see that the only thing holding me back from my goals, was me.

This lesson sticks with me to this day. Whenever I feel I’m becoming discontent with what I do, I try to find the root of the problem. Once I’m able to identify it, I follow Tevis’ advice and bring these conversations and concerns forward to leadership. In doing so, I’ve set clearer boundaries, asked for what I deserve, and demand that I be taken seriously. No more imposter syndrome for me!

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