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The Next Fem Podcast: Forget Work-Life Balance to To Focus On Work-Life Satisfaction with Tevis

Listen HERE:

Work-life satisfaction – do you have it? We hear those buzzwords of balance and mindfulness get thrown around in many circles, but how do we achieve them? As much as we desire less stress and more fulfillment in our careers, not many employers are dedicated to truly valuing their employees. Today’s show provides food for thought and answers to some of our toughest questions about work and life.

Tevis Trower is founder and CEO of Balance Integration, and she’s an expert and pioneer of wellbeing as the foundation for sustainable success, both professionally and personally. Heralded as “The Mindfulness Guru for the New Millennium,” Tevis has coached powerful organizations ranging from Disney to Morgan Stanley on optimizing their most precious assets–human beings. In this episode, Tevis shares her fresh perspective as we explore mindfulness, why wellness is an inside job, and we deep dive on what it takes to get empowered to live and work with your best self and a lot less stress. We also cover some simple exercises to reclaim your energy, health and calm the spirit to manage stress.

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Highlights of this episode:

  • 5:39 – Getting an MBA in Brazil

  • 8:19 – Corporate executive to corporate mindfulness guru

  • 18:34 – Life happens, with its trauma and drama

  • 21:57 – Integrating wellness and inspiration into corporate culture

  • 28:32 – Getting your needs met at work

  • 33:43 – Creating alignment despite the dark side of engagement

  • 41:41 – How we establish a foundation of trust

  • 46:14 – How it boils down to discretionary time

  • 48:40 – Advice for managers

  • 51:16 – Sneaking self-care into work

  • 53:25 – Fem Five

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