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Podcast: How to Keep Your Humanity at Work with Tevis Trower

"Leadership Happy Hour"

Host: Chip Lutz, CSP

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive." ― Dalai Lama

Ever feel like you've left the best part of yourself at home when you get to work? I know I have. Perhaps it's the people. Or, maybe, it's a series of situations that cause you to question why you're even doing what you're doing. Rest're not alone and there are things you can do to be your best.

This episode's guest is Tevis Trower. She's an incredible person with some unique and poignant views on what you can do to keep your humanity at work. We talk about a lot of things but, specifically, hit on how to bring your best self to work; how to get past the habit of discontent; and how to change your point of focus for your best life.

I know you'll dig it as much as I did! CHEERS!

More on Tevis...

Balance Integration Corporation Founder/CEO Tevis Trower is a pioneer in optimizing corporate cultures. Heralded in bestselling Megatrends 2010 as “corporate mindfulness guru for the new millennium”, Tevis has assisted powerful organizations ranging from Disney to Morgan Stanley work from the top down in optimizing their most precious assets: human beings.

Serving clients in over 70 US markets, Europe and Latin America, Balance Integration has provided global executive immersions for prestigious organizations including Harvard Business Review Events, Young Presidents Organization, PWC, KKR, Soros, Bloomberg LP, Viacom, Google and The Economist on issues including imposter syndrome, trust, innovation, emotionally sustainable leadership, and fostering an environment of radical success. You can find profiles and expert advice from Tevis featured in respected media outlets including Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Glamour, YogaJournal, CIO, Pink, RealSimple, Crain’s, New York Post, Financial Times, WWD, New York Observer, MSNBC, FoxBusiness, NY1 and Martha Stewart. As NYU Faculty teaching Business Creativity & Personal Mastery, Tevis also served as worklife expert to WebMD and Huffington Post.

Tevis lives what she teaches from her home in Woodstock, enjoying surfing, snowboarding and playing guitar.

Check her out on her website:

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