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Podcast: The Guide to Radical Change with Tevis Trower | Episode # 32

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

"Winning Teams"

High-performers are constantly dreaming and working towards lofty goals. That’s great, but what our guest today points out is that the gap between a high-performer’s ability and their dream is vast. What can we do as goal-oriented, high-performing leaders to continue growing, adapting, and succeeding?

To help answer that loaded question, I am thrilled to welcome back Tevis Trower. Tevis is no stranger to A Life and a Living Podcast, but this time she comes as a new author of the book The Game Changer’s Guide to Radical Success. Not only is this book a fabulous tool for leaders to make changes but also to sustain the energy to see themselves through to the end. By the end of today’s episode, you will feel invigorated and excited to start converting your imagination into daily actions and heightened self awareness so your goals are even more attainable.

Listen here:

What We Talked About in This Episode:

- Vulnerability as a Strength for a Leader

- Tevis’s Passion and Inspiration for Writing Her New Book

- The Gap Between a High Performer’s Ability and Their Dream

- How Tevis Coaches and What Questions She Asks

- Romanticizing Others’ Success

- The “It’s Never Enough” Mindset and the Ego

- Converting Imagination Into Daily Actions and Heightened Self Awareness

- Self-Reflection Ideas and Practices

- The World’s Desperation for True Leadership

- Education as Everyone’s Responsibility

- Weekly Game Changer Chats with Tevis Trower

- Tevis’s Book Recommendations and Daily Routines.

About Our Guest:

Tevis Trower is the author of The Game-Changer’s Guide to Radical Success and is a sounding board, thought leader, and wisdom cultivator for organizational leaders globally. Considered a pioneer in the field of cultural transformation, in 2002 Tevis bootstrapped Balance Integration and has expanded and refined the company’s services into a broad spectrum of modalities to align leadership and optimize humanity in the workplace.

Get a free chapter of her book “The Game-Changer’s Guide to Radical Success” here

To reach Tevis, go to her website:

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